About Gauteng Touch Association 

The Gauteng Touch Association (GTA / Gauteng Touch) was established in 1995 and has seen incredible success as a province at a national level since then.

Gauteng Touch also boasts a proud history of national players and we have had national representation at the following World Cups.









GTA is the destination for players, referees, coaches and spectators alike to come together in a
professional yet family-like space to develop and grow with other like minded members to realise their potential and facilitate the achievement of their goals and dreams. We strive to create a network thatboth feeds the association and its members and gives back to the sport and community. We exist to create inclusive and meaningful experiences for our members where passion meets purpose

At GTA our aim is to add value to your life through the sport of touch rugby, as professional, dynamic and progressive sporting specialists, we are innovative and flexible enough to cater for the dynamic and growing needs of modern day athletes.

We are one of the pioneering associations of touch rugby, our association was founded in 1995, which is just year after Nelson Mandela was elected president which was perfect timing for the birth of an all inclusive and diverse sporting association. Nelson Mandela used the 1995 world cup to bring the nation together, and we live by that same mantra that sport, can be that vehicle to promote change for an entire country. We demand that members, regardless of what their role may be, are truly focused and determined to improve the lives of others through sport.

We truly understand the importance of growing great people as well as great players, referees and
coaches. This is not a one off, fly by night association – this is an association with an enduring promise to have long-term impact on our members and sport. We genuinely care about our members, which is why we make it our mission to establish lifelong relationships where our association provides the best, for the best.

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