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New Partnerships and Massive Prizes!

Updated: Jan 15, 2019

With 2019 off to a flying start, we are extremely happy to announce some great partnerships with In2Touch and our current lead sponsor, VOLCANO Sports.

Gauteng Touch is becoming a major player in Thursday Night’s Zoo Lake League. Yes, that's right, the league is being revamped! 2019 will be the year we bring the gees on the field at Zoo Lake, with a little bit of magic from Volcano Sports. Ok, not a little bit. A WHOLE LOT OF MAGIC!

Gauteng Touch will be tasked with helping improve the already fantastic Thursday Night’s Zoo Lake League, by improving the quality and number of referees involved, improved disciplinary actions, and all round involvement by Gauteng Touch and Volcano Sports in the maintenance and feel of Thursday Night’s Zoo Lake League.

Not only has Volcano Sports provided GTA with massive discounts on kit (please see prices below), they are also sponsoring prizes worth R20 000 to be won at Gauteng Touch’s year-end function, and bringing their brand to ours. The prizes will be lucky draws for the winning teams from ALL divisions at Thursday Night’s Zoo Lake League, and a lucky draw to ANY team entered into the league – no matter which division.

All division winners will enter into another, more exclusive, Lucky Draw – massive opportunity to cash in on playing great touch – while those winning teams who have kit from Volcano Sports will get an additional entry!

That’s not all – there’s even a chance to win your 2020 kit for free from Volcano Sports!

To order your kit, email -

T’s and C’s do apply though: For any team to be eligible for these fantastic prizes, you would need to order your next kit or single items (Shorts, Playing shirts, Warm up shirts, Socks, Caps etc..) from our supplier, Volcano Sports. Quality assured.

From Coast to Coast - In2Touch brings the game of Touch closer to you!

The team at In2Touch brings the game of touch rugby closer to you. With over 12 franchises country wide, we are very lucky to take Zoo Lake under the GTA umbrella in 2019 and elevate the quality of this specific franchise even further. Our aim as GTA and In2Touch is to grow the sport, and by combining forces, that is exactly what our main aim will be.

Touch Rugby can be played by anyone. Corporate teams, Social teams and Competitive teams. Zoo Lake have been used by Gauteng Touch Association to practice and sharpen their game plans before Senior Nationals. We would like to invite everyone to enter your teams in 2019.

We at Gauteng Touch Association can not wait to show Johannesburg, Zoo Lake what the home of Touch Rugby looks like.




Until Next Time

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