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The side hustle of World Cup Player - Marcus Nkwane

Marcus Nkwane

As you know, or may not know, Touch rugby is a pay to play sport. This means, players need to self fund their passion for Touch Rugby.

Every World Cup player are actively raising funds, whether it is hosting tournaments, giving away prizes or running a side hustle, like Marcus.

This is what he has to say about how he is using just one of his fund raising efforts

Well TBT (Truth Be Told) is all about custom designs from your normal designs (outside the box) so what I do is customise/redesign shirts shoes and stuff. Giving it new life, funky, fun abs out there...something different that you wouldn't really get from your ordinary shops. Most popular designs I have are the splash, which I get to play around with more.
Standard pricing for adult shirts R300, kids R150. Detailed designs go for more depending on the design.

If you are keen on getting your own shirt, Please give Marcus a shout - 082 819 7088

Until Next Time!

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